Cycle Brewing BA Batch 300

Cycle Brewing BA Batch 300
Cycle Brewing BA Batch 300

Style: American Strong Ale (whatever)
ABV: 9.5%
Growlered: Sep 2013
Size: 500ml flip-top growler
Price: n/a (see below)
Bottle Count: ~800

So yeah, the Rare DOS release turned into quite the clusterfuck. More than a few growlers turned up infected, likely due to the beer gun used to fill them. I opened seven here without issue, but almost all of the ones I sent out (a dozen or so) turned out bad. I think it was being exposed to room temp or above during shipping that did it. So this is a beer that Doug did to make up for it, sending them out to anyone who reported an issue within a set timeframe.

I had a prior version of this a couple years ago, and this is really close. It’s sort of an barrel-aged English Barleywine-American Strong Ale-Imperial Stout hybrid, and it’s damned good. Reminds me a lot of Mother of All Storms. Lots of toffee and caramelized brown sugar, and the barrel gives it a pumpernickel quality that works really well with this beer, similar to the way it did with Nooner batch 3. It’s not as sticky and thick as the DOS twins (triplets?) so it goes down pretty quickly. Good stuff as always from the talented crew at Cycle.

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