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Flossmoor Station BA Hi-Fi Rye

Flossmoor Station BA Hi-Fi Rye
Flossmoor Station BA Hi-Fi Rye

Style: American Barleywine
ABV: 11%
Bottled: 2012 (batch 2)
Size: 22oz bottle
Price: $18 (?)
Bottle Count: 720

I’ve been chasing this bottle for a while — actually chasing batch 1, but this is pretty close. While I still don’t quite understand the mentality of the BA American Barleywine (barrel + hops = meh), this turned out much better than I expected. The hops are more layered on top of a malty/barrel-ly base, and serve to enhance rather than obstruct the flavors. Definitely on the strong side… I had this as I was supposed to be heading home, and had to pause to gather myself before travelling. But it’s a great beer. I still prefer English Barleywines for a barrel, but this one makes me second-guess my preference.

You’d never guess from the pic that it’s a bit humid outside, right? Gotta love southern Florida…

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