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Peg’s/Cycle Brewing Tang & Biscuits

Peg's/Cycle Brewing Tang & Biscuits
Peg's/Cycle Brewing Tang & Biscuits

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 4.5%
Kegged: June 2013
Size: 16oz glass
Price: $4
Bottle Count: n/a

Another solid pale ale from the Cycle crew. A little spicy from the rye, short dry finish. It’s not quite as bitter as Fixie and Freewheel, and it doesn’t quite smell as great, but it’s really nice going down. Low ABV so you can drink a ton of it, too. This stuff is great for the hot weather.

Peg’s/Cycle Brewing Pink Streets

Peg's/Cycle Brewing Pink Streets
Peg’s/Cycle Brewing Pink Streets

Style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 3%
Kegged: April 2013
Size: 10oz snifter
Price: n/a
Bottle Count: n/a

Just a little taster to get me in the mood to drive up to Gainesville for the BA Roosevelt release.  This is actually the beer that Mrs. Asshole and I served at our wedding.  Doug also served a wine-barrel version of this at this year’s Berliner Bash (and I think it was one half of the Nooner blend from last Dec’s release).  I love this stuff.  Lots of raspberry and strawberry.  Very, very light too, although you can’t tell because this was the last of the keg, so it looks like a smoothie.  I could drink this all day.

Peg’s Cantina/Cycle Brewing Hazelnut Fast Breaker

Peg's Cantina/Cycle Brewing Hazelnut Fast Breaker
Peg's Cantina/Cycle Brewing Hazelnut Fast Breaker

Lucky enough to snag an early taste last night since I can’t make it to the restaurant today. This stuff is fantastic. Big nutty aroma and flavor, a touch of bourbon, and a short, although somewhat bitter, finish. I could drink it all day. Truly wish I was heading up there right now for the formal tapping, but sadly I’ll be out of town doing family stuff. *sniff*

Cycle Brewing Fixie Pale Ale (again)

Peg’s/Cycle Brewing Fixie Pale Ale

Peg's/Cycle Brewing Fixie Pale Ale
Peg’s/Cycle Brewing Fixie Pale Ale

Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 4.75%
Kegged: Feb 2013
Size: 16oz pint glass
Price: $6?

This is the sister beer to Freewheel, essentially the same beer but with different hops.  It’s also the better of the two by far.  Light and hoppy, with a finish that drops off a cliff, you can crush this stuff all day.  Doug has (another) solid brew on his hands with this.

Peg’s Cantina/Cycle Brewing Nooner Blended Berlinerweisse

Peg’s/Cycle Brewing RareR DOS

Peg's/Cycle Brewing RareR DOS
Peg’s/Cycle Brewing RareR DOS

Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.5%
Growlered: Dec 2012
Size: 500ml flip-top growler
Price: $20/growler

Yup, this is pretty much why I started doing this blog.  Single-day brewery-only release, 300 growlers in the wild of this ultra-hyped beer.  The release ended up being one of those all-day blurry bottle sharing affairs that ended with a hundred people lined up to get a small handful of growlers to take home and gloat about to their fellow beer nerds.

I missed out on this one when they served it at their pre-Hunahpu Day release last year, so I was pretty happy to get at it this time.  It’s legit, one of those beers that does a good job of living up to the (insane) hype.  It’s rich, heavy, and full, with light carbonation, fitting for the style.  Tons of roast, marshmallow, toffee, vanilla, and rum, with just an echo of hoppiness in the background.  Almost no alcohol burn, and more sweet than dry.  I could drink at least another gallon of this without getting tired of it.  Can’t wait for this year’s pre-Hunahpu.