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Tired Hands HandFarm

Tired Hands HandFarm
Tired Hands HandFarm

Style: Saison
ABV: 5.2%
Bottled: 2012
Size: 500ml bottle
Price: $15
Bottle Count: 500

Man, this is a great beer.  I’ve heard Tired Hands called “the new Hill Farmstead”, but for me it’s totally different for the most part.  But this beer reminds me of the best stuff from HF.

The nose is tart and lemony, and there’s plenty of citrus notes in the flavor.  It’s light and airy, which in the Florida rainforest is great for a sweaty old man like me.  And low ABV means I could drink it all day… as if I could get much more of this.  It’s a real shame that it was so limited, but hopefully they’ll make another batch soon (or maybe I should get off my ass and try some of their other beers).


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