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Short’s Bourbon Barrel Sustenance

Short's Bourbon Barrel Sustenance Black Bier
Short’s Bourbon Barrel Sustenance Black Bier

Style: Schwartzbier
ABV: 6.5%
Bottled: 2011
Size: 12oz bottle

I get a lot of single bottles from Short’s as extras in trades, but I have a pretty big backlog of bottles to open, so I’m just recently getting around to trying some of them.  I’ve heard about Short’s mostly from their reputation for beers based on odd flavorings, like key lime, peanut butter & jelly, and smores.  So far my experience has been pretty average-to-decent, but nothing stellar has jumped out at me.

This particular beer is a style that I don’t have very often, a schwartzbier, and it also has a somewhat unusual aspect (at least for this style) of having spent 11 months in a bourbon barrel.  Short’s doesn’t make this any longer, so when I got this in a box I wanted to give it a shot.  The base beer is pretty solid within this style, a little roasty  and slightly sweet with some vanilla and marshmallow.  A little oxidation took its toll, but the barrel came through nicely.  Not too overbearing, just rounding out the flavor.  I’m a little sorry to hear that I won’t be seeing this one again.