WalezBro Tasting!

Walez pic 1
L-R: BA Kopi Speedway, a couple of Van Winkle bourbons, HF Damon, Churchill’s Finest Hour, Isabelle Proximus, Southampton Black Raspberry Lambic, Southampton Peconic Reserve, Twisted Spoke 15th, Cable Car ’12, Duck Duck Gooze b1

Yesterday we finally had a tasting that we’ve been planning for a while.  Five of us had some big bottles that we wanted to open, so we put together a little get-together at a townhouse in Ybor.  It grew into something pretty ridiculous, as you can see above (and below).  The pic above is part one of just the highlights — I didn’t even include about half of the bottles in the pics. Here’s the other half of the highlights:

Walez pic 2
L-R: Duck Duck Gooze b1 (same as above), HF Mimosa, BCS Rare, Bourbon Dark Lord ’12, Sour in the Rye w/Peaches, Cascade Tangerione Dream, Cascade Elderberry, New Glarus R&D Sour, Ale Apothecary Sahalie

What was supposed to be six people turned into about fifteen — too many people just started inviting friends, regardless of whether they had beers to share, so some pours ended up being midwest-style thimble servings — but everyone was friendly and it turned out really well.  And our host went way above & beyond with the food, serving roasted marrow bones and beef barbaçoa, plus Rob brought a bunch of cheeses and I made roasted red pepper hummus.

Roasted marrow bones with croutons

I’ll be posting some mini-reviews of the beers that we tried over the next few weeks.  Can’t wait to do it again.

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